Legislative Update: How do you like them apples?

The other meeting of the minds coming up will be the Committee of Conference dealing with SB 191, a bill that would provide state aid for full day kindergarten. While there are some policy differences the chambers must resolve (like whether the state should provide targeted aid or blanket aid to all communities), there’s one major point that separates the two. The House tacked on an amendment that would pay for it by establishing Keno in the state (all funds from lottery games already go to education).

It seems unlikely the Senate will swallow Keno. For years, the House has nixed many a Senate casino proposal…so the Senate gives it right back to the House by nixing their Keno proposals. (BIA has traditionally remained neutral on Keno). Despite this, it’s expected some common ground will be achieved.

BIA supports expanding full-day K in NH. We believe it’s a long-term investment in our future workforce, it removes a barrier businesses and employees have expressed about coming to New Hampshire, and it gets parents of children back into the workforce faster.